This page contains the list of catteries around the world whith whom we became friends thanks to Beautiful Siberian cats. Till this day we are partners and keep working together on Siberian cats breed, on its support and improvement. We lay all our mutual knoweledge and experience to give birth to healthy, strong and beautiful siberian cats in our catteries. 
I'm happy to meet these wonderful people and it's a great honour for me to trust them our beloved graduates.

Nicholas-Originals Siberian Cattery, USA. This wonderful cattery of Siberian cats is located in USA, Connecticute. This cattery and its owner the breeder of siberian cats Nicholas Yulia is a partner of our Gentle Bear (Siberian Bears )cattery.  Thanks to Yulia's professional breeder attitute to her cattery activity, the highest responsibility and top level care to siberian cats, we continue to work together on siberian breed, using all our the best practice to support and improve the type and condition of siberian cats and siberian kittens in our catteries.

Zen Heart Siberian Cattery, Italy . The breeder Patrizia Castaneda gives all her love and care to provide siberian cats in her cattery with the best they need.  Our graduate Zhuravushka became the perfect mother and gave life to very strong and beautiful siberian kittens in Patrizia's home. Patrizia is a very positive and kind persone who tries to keep the atmosphere of goodnes and kindness at her home and among her siberian cats either. Using essentials oils, bach and australuan flowers for kittens and all cats  help her to built the temperaments equilibrate inside the cattery.

Our graduate Gloria, this black pearl, became real decoration of another one great Cattery of Siberian cats in USA. Its owner Rhonda always makes her the best for taking care of sweet siberians in her highly comfortable Siberian cattery.